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Diving in extremely murky water today i had a thought id see a grey nurse.

I got some abalone and cruised out a little from the rocks. the visibility was poor.

On he surface looking down, it was a wall of sediment and gloom. I couldnt see the bottom.

At some point the body picked up something close by. I dove down, and beyond the gloom i saw the familiar long tail crusing below me on the bottom.

It was a grey nurse. A female. Without doubt largest grey nurse i have seen for years.

I filmed her, then she disappeared…


Diving off a familiar headland the water was murky. This spot genearally has a lot of local grey nurse sharks cruising around. They apparently swim between the dive spot shown above, and another point with much deeper water 500 metres north.

I saw no grey nurse sharks at first spot… Iv learned that when its murky, you seem to have a bigger chance of seeing one closer in where they normally dont go.

I came across this little eagle ray, swimming against pull of the breaking waves.

I spent sometime at the local spot and headed north, to the other headland.

This otherspot is home to a large local ray i know well.

I was hoping to find him and i did. He was on the bottom furthur out toward the front of headland. I got close to him and he turned on the bottom, covering the camera lense with sand.

Whilst i was down on the bottom, i sensed something came past. something dark caught me eye.

In the thick gloom cruising on the bottom was surprise,surprise, a grey nurse shark.

A female. A solid shark. I caught some footage of her, and then she vanished off into the sediment and murkyness.

I could barely see through the murky water. There was salmon flying past through the water. I went back toward the shallows. Appearing out of the gloom was another grey nurse. This time, a male. Larger then the first. Probably the most solid grey nurse iv seen for sometime. I had never seen them at this spot before. It seems the murky water seems to pull them in closer to shore.

2020 vision

I dived today off a spot that is occupied by many grey nurse sharks. Sometimes i may dive this spot everyday and probably depending on the time of the year i wont see a single grey nurse shark for months at time. Lately, possibly due to the warmer waters, or the how stirred up the water is at the moment there has alot hanging around. The most iv have seen at one time at this spot. Often they are cruising around just off the rocks20 or 30 metres off the beach. swimmers and beach goers completely oblivious that they are there. Sometimes there may be six plus sharks at one time. Today i went off the front of this spot, and straight away i came across a small grey nurse. Then 10 minutes later another larger grey nurse. It maybe the biggest one i have seen at this spot.

The picture shown is of the larger grey nurse. I swam down next to him, he looked at me for a second and then shly turned away. To me to look in his eye was one of shyness. He wasn’t scared, but a shy gentle fella.

watching eagle.

After getting out of the water from a dive i was walking back to my stuff and at some point in the distance i noticed a grown sea eagle watching me from a familiar rock. I hadn’t seen one do this before this close. I kept walking closer to my stuff and the eagle kept watching. Not fazed by me getting nearer to it.

I got within 15 metres of the sea eagle then it took off.
two oyster catchers fly by.