Roo day

Driving to the beach the other night me and my dad came across a kangaroo. It had been hit by a car. Lying on the road side dead, we could see the fresh patch of blood where it had been hit. Too often the stretch of road where the roo was hit is a constant roo-car collision zone. 95 percent of the time i think its us humans that are at fault. Too i often i see people continue at 80 plus clicks down this road even tho there is clearly a mob of roos ready to jump out in front of their car. Kangaroos are a wild animal, are are very sensitive to sounds and lights.

Its a shame when they are hit. But accidents happen.

We picked the roo up on the way back. It, he, was a big male who looked in his absolute prime. Lean, Full of muscle and extremely powerful. A few years back i watched a video showing people eating the roo tail. This time on this particular roo, i thought id give it a go.

the tongue
the liver
the leg partially skinned. Massive amount of lean meat.
zero fat.

I removed the tail and put in the fire singing the hair. I put it back out and scrapped it off hard with a knife.

starting to remove some of the hair.
I removed 70 percent of hair then placed it under hot coals for a little over 2 hours.

The meat on this roo tail was by far the richest, tastiest, fattiest, most succulent cooked meat iv ever had. Extremely filling tucker. Seriously good.

winter dive

I swam out off to the front of headland. Water visibility wasn’t he greatest. Westerly wind was howling along the surface of the water.

Nearing the front of headland i came across a solid school of salmon. I got one. Soon after a small curious whiptail ray showed up. I continued toward the front of headland, a massive school of silver drummer appeared out of the gloom. Each fish probably at-least 80 centimetres long.

land and sea

We hung around the fire for a few hours. The forest is a few minutes away from my house.
one of the local rays. This ray is solid, but still not as big as the “big girl” that is often cruising around the same spot. She is massive and in past encounters with her she doesn’t budge when your in her space.
ray in flight…
A ray once lay here.

North. Home.

I drove two hours north up the coast. My brother was surfing at this spot. The surrounding cliffs and rock were once mined in a quarry. Turtles are here, as well as a large amount of black fish, and a surprising amount of lobsters. The surf break is very well known.

i walked down the cliff to the flats to watch my brother surf. On the way i came across this solid octopus who decided he would come right up out of the water and wrap him self around my hand.


mountain cave

There is a local reception tower high up on a mountain.

A skinny rocky traill continues past the tower, down the northern side of the mountain. Further down the mountain way off the trail is this cave.

On the sandy floor of the cave is animal tracks, which looks to be from a snake or goanna.

A much smaller cave is further up the mountain, old dried honey comb is on the caves floor.

Day out

We headed out in the canoe early in the morning hoping to dive with the local seals and any whales we might come across.

We made it out to the back of the island where the seal colony is. It wasn’t’ the day for it. Only a few seals were in the water hugging the the rocks right in the wave zone. The rest were fighting and playing on the island. We drifted a few hundred metres out to sea.

A juvenile humpback whale came up in the close distance. We banged on the side of the canoe hoping he’d make a be line for us. We waited. He came close but kept moving.

5 minutes later another whale popped up for a breath of air 20 metres away, this humpback was much bigger. He kept moving.

Away from the wind and swell we headed to another side of the island. It was like a moonscape.

Above “rock mountain” A huge mound of rocks that came up out of nowhere.

Heading down to 12 + meters of water.